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List of medical abbreviations: F


Sortable table. Abbreviation, Meaning. Fx, fracture. FA, Fanconi anemia. FAMMM syndrome, familial atypical multiple mole melanoma syndrome.

Blood Test Abbreviations - Abbreviations and Acronyms


If you have ever had blood work done you may have noticed the blood test abbreviations that are found on many of the lab work forms. These abbreviations are ...

The Blood Test Abbreviations Guide is Here to Help You


The Blood Test Abbreviations Guide is here to help you start understanding blood test results, reading blood test results, interpreting blood test results.

Appendix B: Some Common Abbreviations: MedlinePlus


... Words tutorial. Abbreviation, Stands for, More information.

Lab Tests Online: Blood, Urine & Other Lab Tests Education


Lab Tests Online offers patients and caregivers the latest information on blood, urine and other clinical lab tests so that they may better manage their care.

List of Blood Test Abbreviations and Acronyms in Medical Category


List of Blood Test Abbreviations and Acronyms in Medical Category. ... deal with blood test results are well-versed in blood test abbreviations and have an easy ...

Blood Test Results: Your Guide to Understanding the Numbers » NNH


Aug 20, 2012 ... Blood test results have a lot of abbreviations and numbers. Read this easy blood test results guide and understand what they mean.

Online Lab Testing | Order Blood Tests


There are 3 most common blood test abbreviations that everyone should know. The first one is HDL and LDL cholesterol, which refers to High Density ...

Testing/Monitoring | National CML Society


What is a normal blood count and what do blood test abbreviations mean? Physicians use a blood test known as a Complete Blood Count, or CBC, ...

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19 Often Used Blood Test Abbreviations You Should Know | New ...


Are blood test abbreviations important? Of course, without them a blood test report is like an uncrackable code book. Learn 19 often used blood test ...

Blood Test Codes | New Health Guide


Blood tests are used to measure chemicals and other contents in blood. Blood is tested in a laboratory and results are presented to your doctor using a list of ...

Test not listed? - Lab Tests Online


Lab tests often have a number of names or acronyms by which they may be referenced. If you do not see your test in the pull-down menu above but think it might ...