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Blue giant


In astronomy, a blue giant is a hot star with a luminosity class of III (giant) or II ( bright giant). In the standard Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, these stars lie above  ...

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Blue Giant. Blue stars are large and compact, this causes them to burn their fuel quickly which in turn makes their temperature very hot. These stars often run out ...

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Feb 3, 2009 ... Stars come in many shapes and sizes and they come in many colors. Some of the hottest stars in the Universe are blue giant stars. You see, the ...

Jan 12, 2010 ... Okay, in the name of common sense, please realize this is a kid who did his best on this video. He made a mistake. He made an error. He put it ...

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The latest Tweets from kunio (@Blue_giant_star). 作業工作員、さりげなく楽器のお 医者さんを、しています。 趣味は、浴びるほどのビール命です。. japan.

Heka, a blue giant star in Orion


Heka is a blue giant star in the constellation Orion. At 1165 light years away, it is the 253rd brightest star in the Earth's sky, where it shines at an apparent visual ...

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21, 1.35, Alpha Centauri B, an orange dwarf star in Centaurus. 22, 1.36, Regulus, a blue subgiant star in Leo. 23, 1.50, Adhara, a blue giant star in Canis Major.

Blue giant stars, or Ra-ra Rigel


A typical blue giant star has a mass perhaps 10 times that of the Sun, and has a surface temperature of two to four times that of our local star. The most famous of  ...

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Blue supergiants are supergiant stars (class I) of spectral type O. They are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of between 20000 - 50000 ...

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BLUE GIANT STAR A blue giant is a huge, very hot, very luminous, blue star. It is not a main sequence star but a post-main-sequence star. These incredibly hot ...

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Q: What is a blue giant star?
A: A blue giant star is a star with a spectral type of O or B, and therefore will appear blue. It has a luminosity class of III. It is when the star has used up th... Read More »
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Q: What color are blue giant stars?
A: usually blue, but some are purple-ish like. Read More »
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Q: How hot is the blue giant star?
A: Blue giants blaze with a surface temperature of 20,000 Kelvin or more. It can put out Read More »
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Q: What is the density of a blue giant star?
A: Density of stars range differently from star to star. Finding a specific Read More »
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Q: How is a blue giant star different from a yellow dwarf star?
A: The larger the star, the faster it uses its fuel and the sooner it dies. Read More »
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