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Case law is the set of past rulings by judges and similar tribunals, and that meet their respective jurisdictions' rules for formality to be cited as precedent.


The law based on judicial opinions (including decisions that interpret statutes), as opposed to law based on statutes, regulations, or other sources. Also refers to ...


Aug 9, 2017 ... Case Law. There is a a listing of court decisions that discuss or are directly relevant to Creative Commons licenses. The decisions can come ...


case law. n. reported decisions of appeals courts and other courts which make new interpretations of the law and, therefore, can be cited as precedents.


Define case law: law established by judicial decision in cases — case law in a sentence.


case law (countable and uncountable, plural case laws). Law developed by judges through court decisions and opinions, as distinct from statute and other ...


Internet Sources for Intellectual Property Case Law. This non-exhaustive compilation lists links to publicly and freely accessible online databases that contain ...


“Immigration Judges should not routinely or automatically grant continuances absent a showing of good cause or a clear case law basis.” TimeAug 15, 2017.


Case law definition: Case law is law that has been established by following decisions made by judges in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.