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The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world's largest lake or a full-fledged sea. It is in an ...


The Caspian Sea (Russian: Kaspiyskoye More; Persian: Daryaye Khezer) is a landlocked endorheic (having no natural outflow except evaporation) sea ...


Feb 24, 2017 ... The Caspian Sea is the Earth's largest inland body of water. But is it a sea or a lake? The definition has international implications.


With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Caspian Sea and its natural resources became a source of contention for Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and ...


The Caspian Sea or Mazandaran Sea is a landlocked sea between Asia and Europe (European Russia). It is the world's largest inland body of water, with a ...


This ecoregion encompasses the the coastal desert (sand dunes, solonchaks, clay takyrs) along the coast at the northern and eastern shores of the Caspian Sea ...


Detailed map of Caspian Sea includes depth, size, history, located near Russia and eastern edges of Europe. Map of Caspian Sea by World Atlas.


The Caspian Sea has the potential to improve the energy security of America's closest allies, and is not an issue the U.S. should ignore.


Aug 29, 2017 ... The Caspian Sea is about as strange as a body of water gets. Its surface still sits 27.5 meters (90 feet) below sea level, and water doesn't flow ...