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In Greek mythology, Chryseis was a Trojan woman, the daughter of Chryses. Chryseis, her apparent name in the Iliad, means simply "Chryses' daughter"; later  ...

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Chryseis , in the Iliad, a woman captured by Agamemnon. When ransom efforts failed, her father, the priest Chryses, appealed to Apollo, who.

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Chryseis, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Chryses, a priest of Apollo. She was taken as a prisoner of Agamemnon during the Trojan War. Chryses was  ...

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Chryseis Mythology - Daughter of Chryses. Mother of Chryses. When she was captured at Troy, she was given as a prize to Agamemnon. Her father pleaded for  ...

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In Greek mythology, Chryseis (Greek: Χρύσηίς, Khrysēís) was a Trojan woman, the daughter of Chryses. In the first book of the Iliad, Agamemnon takes her as a  ...

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Oct 23, 2010 ... Chryseis is the daughter of a priest of Apollo who is taken as a concubine by Agamemnon when the Greek army conquered the city of Thebe.

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In Greek and Roman Mythology, Chryseis was a captive maiden given to Agamemnon; his refusal to accept ransom from her father Chryses caused Apollo to ...

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In "The Iliad," Chryseis is a maiden whose father is a priest of Apollo. She has been captured by the Greek general Agamemnon. Agamemnon refuses to give ...

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The narrative begins nine years after the start of the war, as the Achaeans sack a Trojan-allied town and capture two beautiful maidens, Chryseis and Briseis.