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a fight between specially bred gamecocks usually fitted with spurs.
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A cockfight is a blood sport between two cocks, or gamecocks, held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6,000 years.


In a cockfight, two roosters fight each other to the death while people place bets. Cockfighters let the birds suffer untreated injuries or throw the birds away like ...


Cockfighting, a brutal blood sport that encourages roosters to fight to their deaths, is a crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Yet despite these laws, ...


Cockfighting. Cockfighting—a blood sport in which roosters are placed in a ring and forced to fight to the death for the “amusement” of onlookers—is illegal ...


May 17, 2017 ... The raid, in which officers on horseback pursued fleeing suspects, was the largest-ever seizure of fowl used for cockfighting in the U.S. The ...


This is the world of cockfighting, which is still legal in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, where it is a billion dollar-a-year industry. "They're a cross-section ...

Jan 18, 2015 ... CNN's Karl Penhaul reports on the murky legal status of cockfighting in the communist Caribbean state.
Feb 3, 2017 ... Cockfighting is not only a festive items in the game, but also a common pastime of many people play in urban as well as rural areas.


May 16, 2017 ... The largest illegal cockfighting ring bust was conducted in the unincorporated area of Val Verde, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's ...