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Lists of constellations - Wikipedia


The following lists of constellations are available: Modern constellations - a list of the current constellations. Former constellations - a list of former constellations.

Constellation List


Alphabetical listing of constellations. Andromeda · Antlia · Apus · Aquarius · Aquila · Ara · Aries · Auriga · Boötes · Caelum · Camelopardalis · Cancer · Canes  ...

Constellation List - Sky Map Online


Constellation List. Click on a constellation name to see its map. 1, And, Andromeda, 31, Cyg, Cygnus, 61, Pav, Pavo. 2, Ant, Antlia, 32, Del, Delphinus, 62, Peg ...

Constellation Guide | StarDate Online


The International Astronomical Union recognizes 88 constellations covering the entire northern and southern sky. Here is a selection of the most familiar and ...

IAU constellation list 2 - Ian Ridpath


This is the International Astronomical Union's second list of constellation names with alternative four-letter abbreviations, proposed and adopted at the IAU's ...

Deepsky Atlas: Constellation List - Hawaiian Astronomical Society


A listing of the Hawaiian Astronomical Society Deepsky Atlas by constellation.

Constellation List | Constellation Guide


The list of the 88 star constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union, and division of the constellation into families.

IAU constellation list 1 - Ian Ridpath


This is the original list of constellation names and abbreviations agreed by the International Astronomical Union at its inaugural General Assembly held in Rome  ...

Constellation List - Compass Rose Geocoin


Constellation List. The constellation names on the Planisphere Geocoin™ are abbreviated to conserve space. Below are the full names for each abbreviation: ...

get_constellation — Astropy v1.2.1


constellation_list : str. The set of constellations to use. Currently only 'iau' is supported, meaning the 88 “modern” constellations endorsed by the IAU. Returns :.

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The 88 Recognized Constellations - Infoplease


In astronomical works, the Latin names of the constellations are used. The letter N or S following the Latin name indicates whether the constellation is located to ...

constellation_list - Twinstar Guesthouse & Observatory


Drawings of Astronomical Objects The sketches presented here were made mostly in the 1990s and early 2000, using a 47cm (18.5-inch) f/4 Dobsonian ...

Constellation List - Home School - LoveToKnow


Using a constellation list, you can have your children engage in a scavenger hunt of sorts to find the various constellations during different seasons. Using a ...