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Defining Issues Test


The Defining Issues Test or the DIT is a component model of moral development devised by James Rest in 1974. The University of Minnesota formally ...

Center for the Study of Ethical Development


The major activity of the Center has been research with the Defining Issues Test, a measure of moral judgment development. However, attention has also been ...

Defining Issues Test - Washburn University


Defining Issues Test. Version 3.0. University of Minnesota Copyright, James Rest & Darcia Narvaez. Center for the Study of Ethical Deveiopment All Rights ...

2009: Defining Issues Test-2 (Spring)


Defining Issues Test–2: Spring 2009. 3. Executive Summary. To help measure the effectiveness of taking classes at TTU on teaching ethical reasoning skills,.

Does the Defining Issues Test Measure Ethical - Valencia College


Keywords: construct validity, defining issues test, moral judgment, political ... THE DEFINING ISSUES TEST of ethical judgment is a widely accepted instru-.

Does the Defining Issues Test measure ethical judgment ability or ...


This article addresses the construct validity of the Defining Issues Test of ethical judgment (DIT/DIT-2). Alleging a political bias in the test, Emler and colleagues ...

DIT2: Devising and Testing a Revised Instrument of Moral Judgment


Defining Issues Test (DIT1) of moral judgment, and purges fewer participants for doubtful response ... The Defining Issues Test, Version 2 (DIT2), is a revision.

Administering Defining Issues Test Online: Do Response Modes ...


paper-pencil version of Defining Issues Test 2 (DIT2). This study ... Introduction. Defining Issues Test (DIT) is “the most widely used measure of moral judgment.

Moral reasoning among physical therapists: results of the Defining ...


Physiother Res Int. 2010 Jun;15(2):69-79. doi: 10.1002/pri.482. Moral reasoning among physical therapists: results of the Defining Issues Test. Swisher LL(1).

A Reliability and Validity Study of the Defining Issues Test - U.S. ...


Defining Issues Test: The Relationship of Age, Education, Gender and Parental. Education with Moral Development. Sevim CESUR*, Mustafa Sami TOPÇU**.

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Center for the Study of Ethical Development | DIT and DIT-2


DIT and DIT-2. A common assumption in the field of morality, and one with which we disagree, is that reliable information about the inner processes that underlie ...

The defining issues test of moral judgment development - American ...


Sep 3, 2014 ... keywords: defining issues test, moral judgment, development. The Defining Issues Test (hereafter the DIT) was first developed in the early ...

A Neo-Kohlbergian Approach - University of Notre Dame


Kohlbergian theories are most useful for issues of macromorality. The Defining Issues Test (DIT) derives from Kohlberg's approach but makes several departures ...