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A provisional government also called an interim or transitional government is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political transition, ...

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(Also with capital initials) an interim or temporary government, especially one set up to govern until constitutional self-government or democracy can be ...

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A government that is formed temporarily until a permanent one is created.

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Definition of Provisional Government may vary in many dictionaries but the basic gist remains the same. Provisional Government is defined based on its rules ...

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Definition of Provisional Government · Russian Provisional Government · Failure of the Russian Provisional Government · Metis Provisional Government · Cheka ...

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Provisional definition, providing or serving for the time being only; existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary: a provisional government.

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The Russian Revolution of February 1917 brought into power the Provisional Government, which promptly introduced freedom of speech and assembly and ...

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... of Executive Minister to be in evidence of certain matters. 3. Validation and review of sentences of military tribunals. 4. Definition of Provisional Government.