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Scans: Brain Region Misfires in Depressed People - WebMD


May 31, 2016 ... Contrary to previous thinking, the habenula is less active during unpleasant experiences.

Depressed People Really Do See a Gray World - Live Science


Jul 20, 2010 ... The eyes of depressed people may not be able to distinguish contrast.

New Documents / Sad, Depressed, People (David Horvitz)


David Horvitz's Sad, Depressed, People looks at a set of images circulating within stock photography collections. These photographs, in which actors are ...

Sep 29, 2015 ... You just listen to him for few minutes every day, your life will be much better. You may not need to agree on everything the Sadhguru says but, ...

Dance music for depressed people: Radiohead records a different ...


May 9, 2016 ... Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool' is a funky and despair-ridden album about loneliness.

Is Our Society Manufacturing Depressed People? | Psychology Today


Our society is in the throes of a virtual epidemic of depression. The numbers are quite staggering. More than twenty percent of the American population will ...

Depressed People May Make Choices That Help Reinforce Their ...


Jun 24, 2015 ... New research suggests that even when depressed people have the opportunity to decrease their sadness, they don't necessarily try to do so.

Do depressed people tend to shut people out? - Quora


Depressed people often shut others out because they spend every ounce of life force they have trying to stay "alive" when the alternative seems.... so much ...

Why do people hate depressed people so much? - Quora


This question strikes a little too close to home...depression is a struggle that only the depressed can truly comprehend. I can say for a fact that the stigm...

Depressed People May Avoid Treatment Due to Cost, Says a New ...


Jan 13, 2016 ... Depression is one of the world's most disabling diseases, according to the World Health Organization. With the proper help, about 70 percent of ...

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Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted in Depressed People | Circadian Rhythms


May 13, 2013 ... Depression appears to disrupt the genes that regulate sleep and waking in the brain, perhaps offering new avenues for treatment.

5 Phrases Depressed People Don't Want To Hear - Huffington Post


Nov 6, 2015 ... By Nanea Hoffman There are some kind words I just can't hear. It's as if they're being broadcast on an inaudible frequency that affects me the ...

Science Watch--Probing the puzzling workings of 'depressive realism'


New studies hint depressed people may not factor context into judgments as much as the nondepressed--putting a new twist on the 'real' part of depressive ...