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energy level
a comparative level of capacity for vigorous activity: The child has a high energy level.
Physics. one of a quantized series of states in which matter may exist, each having constant energy and separated from others in the series by finite quantities of energy.
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A quantum mechanical system or particle that is bound—that is, confined spatially—can only take on certain discrete values of energy. This contrasts with classical particles, which can have any energy. These discrete values are called energy levels. The term is commonly used for the energy levels of electrons in atoms, ions, ...


Atomic Energy Levels. About. In this video, David explains how an atom can absorb and emit photons of particular values and how to determine the allowed ...


In quantum mechanics, an energy level is said to be degenerate if it corresponds to two or more different measurable states of a quantum system. Conversely ...


A Hydrogen atom consists of a proton and an electron which are “bound” together – the proton (positive charge) and electron (negative charge) stay together ...


As an electron approaches a nucleus from infinity, it becomes 'bound' - it is attached to the nucleus, if you like. In this bound state, the electron occupies what is ...


Configuration, Term, J, Level(cm-1), Ref. 5p5, 2P°, 3/2, 0.00, M62. 1/2, 7603.15, M62. 5p4(3P2)6s, 2[2], 5/2, 54633.46, M62. 3/2, 56092.88, M62. 5p4(3P0)6s, 2[0]  ...


Best viewed with the latest versions of Web browsers and JavaScript enabled. This form provides access to NIST critically evaluated data on atomic energy ...


Its energy levels are given in the diagram below. The x-axis shows the allowed energy levels of electrons in a hydrogen atom, numbered from 1 to 5. The y-axis ...