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Theodicy in its most common form, attempts to answer the question why a good God permits the manifestation of evil. Theodicy addresses the evidential problem  ...

Theodicy Overview


Iraneaus; Lactantius; Augustine; Pseudo-Dionysius; Augustine; Anselm; Thomas Aquinas; The Mystics; Luis de Molina; Luther; Calvin; Malebranche; Pierre ...

Solving the theodicy dilemma: Why doesn't God prevent evil?


Sep 15, 2001 ... Theodicy: Explaining why God doesn't prevent evil?

Baker's Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, by Norman L. Geisler


then proceeds to explain theodicy (how a good God and an evil world can co- exist). Medieval Roman Catholic theologian, Thomas Aquinas, used the same.

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Mar 12, 2002 ... ... religious faith has struggled futilely through the ages to explain theodicy, the unfathomable question of why bad things happen to just people, ...

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Jul 23, 2015 ... This comment is an attempt to explain theodicy....how can one reconcile a loving god withe existence of evil and suffering in the world. More is ...

We Abandon Truth To The Neglect Of Our Souls - Catholic Stand ...


Sep 4, 2015 ... If God is Truth, explain theodicy to me in a way that would be consistent with the qualities of a God.....because Truth is consistent in its ultimate ...

Jack Ross on the relationship of Chabad to Zionism – Mondoweiss


Mar 4, 2009 ... ... rational than any of the Abrahamic monotheisms, none of which can explain theodicy/justice of god – 'paganism' was never eschatological.

March | 2010 | Fran Dorf, LCSW


Mar 15, 2010 ... Of course neither of these theories explain theodicy, or the existence of evil in a world supposedly controlled by a good God. Events ...

Cartesian Madness & the Evil Demon - A Vegan Skeptic


Malebranche saw that rationalizing animal suffering out of existence was mutually supported by theological attempts to explain theodicy—why God tolerated the ...

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Q: Can someone please explain Theodicy to me.?
A: It's basically a treatise or an essay in which a philopher outlines the reasons why he believes God is both good and omnipotent (all-powerfull). This is somethi... Read More »
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Q: Explain the meaning of the word "Theodicy"?
A: A theodicy is a 'vindication of God's goodness and justice in the face of the existence of evil.' There is no theodicy that works, not even the popular "free wi... Read More »
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Q: Is Dembski wrong in trying to explain theodicy in light of animal...
A: Yes, Dembski's theodicy he has made up is sub-biblical and extremely problematic. Two reviews for your consideration (if you will seriously read them, but this ... Read More »
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Q: Briefly explain why a theodicy must be internally consistent, and...
A: What? You're asking us to do your religion or philosophy homework for you? Source(s) lang spec. Read More »
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Q: Could you explain St. Augustine's and St. Irenaeus's theodicies t...
A: Irenaeus promoted the "soul-making" theodicy. This is the idea that evil may bring about good or virtues in us that would otherwise be absent. I think Augustine... Read More »
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