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The flag of Guatemala features two colors: sky blue and white. The two sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is a land located between two oceans, ...

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World Flags - Guatemala Flag. Find the Guatemalan flag. Learn about the flag of Guatemala.

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The flag of Guatemala exhibits two sky blue vertical stripes that surround a white band; in the center of it all is Guatemala's coat of arms. The two sky blue lines, ...

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Guatemalan Flag (Flag of Guatemala). Guatemala Flag [Download Image Hi Res | Low Res]. More Information can be found here: Flags of the World · Flags.net.

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Flag of Guatemala with information including details about the state of Guatemala . You will also learn the position and neighboring countries.

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May 29, 2014 ... The Pantone value for the shade of blue in the flag of Guatemala would be 297, but Luis Havas mentions 2995. Gus Tracchia, 27 November ...

Sep 8, 2011 ... I rendered the flag of Guatemala blowing in the breeze for Central America's independence from Spain, September 15th. It's a 30 second cycle ...

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Flag of Guatemala is divided in three parts, sky blue, white and sky blue again. In the middle has the coat of arms, that includes the Quetzal, the national bird and ...

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... date of independence from Spain) all superimposed on a pair of crossed rifles and a pair of crossed swords and framed by a wreath. Flag of Guatemala.

The Flag of Guatemala
The flag of Guatemala has three equal vertical bands of light blue (hoist side), white, and light blue, with the coat of arms centered in the white band; the coat of arms includes a green and red quetzal (the national bird) and a scroll bearing the inscription LIBERTAD 15 DE
National Anthem: Himno Nacional de Guatemala (National Anthem of Guatemala)
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Dec 22, 2015 ... ... of arms' in the middle. Though the national flag of Guatemala was adopted in 1871 the introduction of the ?coat of arms' took place in 1968.

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Vertically striped blue-white-blue national flag; when used for official purposes, it incorporates the national coat of arms in the centre. The flag has a ...

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The flag of Guatemala was officially adopted on August 17, 1871. The blue and white are the original colors used by the United Provinces of Central America.