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Use the Format Painter - Office Support


Use the Format Painter to quickly copy formatting from one selection of text or graphics in a document to another. Select the text or graphic you like the look of,  ...

What is Format Painter? Webopedia Definition


Format Painter is a tool used when you want to copy formatting from one item to another.

Copy Formatting Between Cells with Format Painter - Spreadsheets


May 28, 2016 ... Quickly copy formatting options from one cell to another with Excel's and Google Sheets format painter. Step by step instructions are included.

Word Tips: Using the Format Painter in PowerPoint and Word - Page 1


When using Word Format Painter options are available. Also, when using PowerPoint Format Painter is available to make presentations stand out.

Format Painter Tool | FileMaker


May 3, 2005 ... Use the format painter to apply an object's attributes to other objects. Copy the attributes -- color, font, size of font, fill pattern -- of a text block or ...

What does the Format Painter button do in Word? | Reference.com


The Format Painter button in Microsoft Word gives the end user the ability to apply text formatting and basic graphics formatting within a document. It can copy  ...

Format Painter | Microsoft Word 2003 - Computergaga


Format Painter is a brilliant tool found inside all Microsoft Office applications. Use the Format Painter in Word 2003 to copy formatting from existing text to another ...

Use the Microsoft Word Format Painter to copy formatting.


If you are looking to copy how one set of text is formatted to another, you may do so by using the Microsoft Format Painter option, shown in the pictures to the ...

Format Painter | PowerPoint 2003 - Computergaga


The Format Painter tool allows you to copy the formatting from existing text and apply it to other text in the presentation.

Office 2003 - Using the Format Painter - office2003 - Software ... - LSE


May 2, 2013 ... The Format Painter is a great way to copy formatting from one item (text, tables, headings, etc) to others. It can be found in all Microsoft Office ...

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Copy formatting using the Format Painter - Office Support


Use the Format Painter in Office to quickly apply the same text formatting and other formatting, such as borders and fills to multiple pieces of text or shapes.

Format Painter in Excel - EASY Excel Tutorial


The Format Painter is one of the most underused features of Excel. The Format Painter copies formatting from one place and applies it to another.

MS Excel 2003: Format Painter - TechOnTheNet


This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Format Painter in Excel 2003 and older versions (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions). The Format Painter ...