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Pocket gophers, commonly referred to as gophers, are burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae. There are approximately 35 species of gopher living in ...

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There are two main species of gopher, the pocket gopher and the Richardsons ground squirrel, both of these species of gopher are found in North America.

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Can you identify a gopher or the signs of one in your yard? What does a gopher look like? Use these photos and descriptions to make a definite identification.

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How to Get Rid of Gophers. Gophers are vermin that have a talent for finding your favorite garden plants and eating them, infesting your front lawn while leaving ...

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What I like about this device is that when you unearth the trap and dispose of the gopher, the animal is concealed and out of sight. The Macabee Gopher Trap.

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In contrast to hand baiting where a lethal amount of strychnine or other poison is found in one place by the gopher, the animal encounters only a few grains at a ...

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Jan 1, 1998 ... pocket gopher, the animal may react by plugging off the burrow system before the fumigant reaches a lethal concentration. Regarding the third ...

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Facts about Gophers · Gopher Habitat · Getting Rid of Gophers Permanently · Gopher the Animal · Groundhogs · Kill Moles with Juicy Fruit Gum ...

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Q: Are chipmunks and gophers the same animal?
A: No, chipmunks are small striped squirrels in the genus Tamias. A gopher is a small burrowing rodent that comes in many Read More »
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Q: Are ground hogs and gophers the same animal?
A: The groundhog (also known as a "woodchuck" and "whistle pig") is a marmot — essentially, a giant North American ground squirrel. The gopher is, like the groundh... Read More »
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Q: Are woodchucks, groundhogs and gophers the same animal?
A: A woodchuck is another name for a groundhog. A gopher is a different animal all together. Thanks for doing the ! Read More »
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Q: Could this be gopher or what other animal?
A: Dear Dian. Thanks for your question. This sort of question is always quite tricky to answer, as the culprit isn't necessarily a mammal. Please let me know where... Read More »
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Q: What other animal looks like a gopher?
A: Mole, groundhog. Read More »
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