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In human anatomy, the hilum sometimes formerly called a hilus is a depression or fissure where structures such as blood vessels and nerves enter an organ.

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This is an article covering the anatomy and pathology of the hilum of the lung. Learn all about this important structure of the lungs at Kenhub now.

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1 : a scar on a seed (as a bean) marking the point of attachment of the ovule. 2 : a notch in or opening from a bodily part suggesting the hilum of a bean.

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(The hilum is the point of entry on each lung for the bronchus, blood vessels, and nerves.) These veins then pass to the left atrium, where their contents are ...

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hilum (plural hila) .... hīlum n (genitive hīlī); second declension ... Press; hilum in Charlton T. Lewis (1891) An Elementary Latin Dictionary , New York: Harper &  ...

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Learn about chest x-ray anatomy. Tutorial on chest x-ray anatomy. Visible and obscured structures on a chest x-ray. Hilar structures.

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Hilum definition, the mark or scar on a seed produced by separation from its funicle or placenta. See more.

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Looking for online definition of hilum of lung in the Medical Dictionary? hilum of lung explanation free. What is hilum of lung? Meaning of hilum of lung medical ...

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a depression or pit at the part of an organ where vessels and nerves enter. Miller- Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, ...

Mycology. a mark or scar on a spore at the point of attachment to the spore-bearing structure.
Anatomy. the region at which the vessels, nerves, etc., enter or emerge from a part.
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