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A howitzer /ˈhaʊw.ɪts.ər/ is a type of artillery piece characterized by a relatively short barrel and the use of comparatively small propellant charges to propel ...

Sep 12, 2008 ... 155mm howitzer US army firing some rounds .... You should try the old M-114 series howitzer, it lives up to the nick name 'The Pig' !!....I've also ...

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Howitzer definition, a cannon having a comparatively short barrel, used especially for firing shells at a high angle of elevation, as for reaching a target behind ...

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The M198 155mm howitzer is a towed field artillery piece of a split trail carriage design. The M198 is equipped with a double baffle muzzle brake and a variable.

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The distinction originates from the days of cannon, where you had three basic types: guns, which had long barrels and relatively flat trajectories; howitzers, which ...

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A relatively short cannon that delivers shells at a medium muzzle velocity, usually by a high trajectory. [Dutch houwitser, from German Haubitze, alteration of ...

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Marines on the ground rely on the Marines by their side, but they also depend on Marine support from long range. The M777 Lightweight 155mm howitzer ...

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The howitzer was invented by the Dutch in the seventeenth century to throw larger projectiles (usually bombs) than could the field pieces, in a high trajectory  ...

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Large calibre weapons, 155 mm howitzers for instance, are usually equipped with muzzle brakes. The purpose of these brakes is to reduce the recoil impulse on ...

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Define howitzer: a large gun that is used to fire shells high into the air for a short distance.

a cannon having a comparatively short barrel, used especially for firing shells at a high angle of elevation, as for reaching a target behind cover or in a trench.
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howitzer | Define howitzer at Dictionary.com
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