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Social and Solitary Bee species guide. Size, habitat, and regional information on Honeybees, Carpenter bees, Bumble bees, and Stingless bees.

Bees, Ants, Wasps and Similar Insects - Insect Identification


Listing of Bee, Ant and Wasp insects found in North America.

Bee Identification


Bee Identification: FREE identification charts and handy tips and pictures to help you identify different bee species.

What are some different types of bees? | Reference.com


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What happens to bees in the winter? | Reference.com


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How do bees mate? | Reference.com


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How do bees communicate? | Reference.com


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Identifying Bee Species You need not be an entomologist to identify different types of bee species. Although there are more than 20000.

Picture of the Week: This Bee Buzzes for Blueberries - Science Friday


May 13, 2014 ... ... can drill into and [use to] look at the surface sculpturing and surface hairs and all the minutiae that goes into identifying bee species,” he says.

What are digger bees? | Reference.com


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