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Sources[edit]. As an emperor, Trajan's reputation has endured – he is one of the few rulers whose reputation has survived nineteen centuries. Every new ...

History of the later Roman commonwealth, from the end of the ...


History of the later Roman commonwealth, from the end of the second Punic war to the death of Julius Caesar; and of the reign of Augustus: with a life of Trajan.

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It is fifty feet high, covered with reliefs relating to the life of Trajan, while on top once stood a four-horse chariot with a statue of the Emperor in it. It is one of the ...

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The Four Typesetting Revolutions The Hot to Cold, Stone to Pixel Life of Trajan The Means of Delivery Means and Medium Tool and Medium Typographic Craft

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... 20; slideMargin: 60. This painting is part of the group: Cassone Panels with Scenes from the Life of Trajan. View the group of paintingsDownload this image ...

Was Trajan a good emperor - Answers


Depends on your definition of good. He was well acclaimed and popular in Rome , the Empire was economicly prosperous and and he kept the Empire at.

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Pliny the Younger was a survivor from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. He wrote a diary about the event because he saw the eruption across the bay ...

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If you mean the Julio/Claudian emperors, there were five of them, not four. The dynasty began with Augustus and continued with Tiberius, Gaius (Caligula) ...

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... commonwealth : from the end of the second Punic war to the death of Julius Cæsar; and of the reign of Augustus: with a life of Trajan / by Thomas Arnold.

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Key events during the life of Trajan: Year. Event. 78. Quaestor. 84. Praetor. 86. Became a guardian of the child Hadrian. 89. Crushed the rebellion of Saturninus  ...

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Short Biography profile and facts about one of the most famous Romans of all, in the life of Trajan, Emperor of Rome and provinces of the Roman Empire.

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Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was born on 18 September at Italica near Seville, most likely in the year AD 52. His Spanish origin made him the first emperor not to ...

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The following is a biography of the Roman Emperor Trajan I wrote a while back, covering his life from his birth to the conclusion of the First ...

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Jun 18, 2015 ... Trajan, Latin in full Caesar Divi Nervae Filius Nerva Traianus Optimus Augustus, also called (97–98 ce) Caesar Nerva Traianus Germanicus, ...

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His Life of Trajan went through six revisions, in which Trajan was variously described as a soldier, an emperor, a transvestite comedian, a talking donkey and a ...