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A main motion, in parliamentary procedure, is a motion that brings business before the assembly. Main motions are made while no other motion is pending.

"Steps in Making a Main Motion" per participant - SR-PLN


Steps in Making a. Main Motion (Refer to page 2 of Using Parliamentary Procedure by Cheek, et al.) Every motion should follow the following 6 steps: STEP 1.

Parliamentary Procedure Basics: Script of a Main Motion


Here is a script of what you should say in processing a main motion. It is meant to make you more comfortable in a meeting. Take it to meetings with you that you ...

The Robert's Rules Process for Handling a Main Motion - For ...


When it comes to handling a main motion, Robert's Rules streamlines the process and saves your group a lot of time. Using the following eight steps to consider ...

Robert's Rules of Order Online - Main Subsidiary Incidental and ...


When a main motion is laid on the table, or postponed to a certain time, it carries with it all pending subsidiary motions. If a main motion is referred to a committee  ...

Conducting Effective Meetings: 8 Steps To A Main Motion


8 Steps To A Main Motion. The basic building block of Parliamentary Procedure is the Main Motion. The following description will provide you with the basics for ...

Robert's Rules of Order, Motions


A main motion that brings new business before the assembly is made while no business is pending. It needs a second, is debatable and amendable, and takes  ...

Parliamentary Procedure

www.uidaho.edu/~/media/Files/orgs/CALS/Department/AEE/Curriculum/Curriculum guides/400 and above/410/Unit 4/401 Basics of Parly Pro.ashx

Can not be in negative form; Only one main motion at a time; Require a second; Amendable. Can Be Changed. Debatable. Can be talked about. Majority Vote.



Raise a question of privilege: Permits a request or main motion relating to the rights and privileges of the assembly or any of its members to be brought.

Using Subsidiary Motions to Help Adopt a Main Motion - Westside ...


This chapter looks at each subsidiary motion and how it can help move the main motion forward until the assembly arrives at its final decision. The discussion ...

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