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Marchantia is a genus in the family Marchantiaceae of the order Marchantiales, a group of liverworts. The Marchantia thallus shows differentiation into two ...

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Aug 7, 2009 ... Marchantia, genus of liverworts (creeping ribbonlike plants) in the order Marchantiales, commonly found on moist clay or silty soils, especially ...

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Latin name: Marchantia polymorpha. Phylum: Hepatophyta Class: Marchantiopsida. Common name: Liverwort. liverwort in pots, Habit: Dense, fleshy mat that ...

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Sep 1, 2013 ... On this page we have a closer look at the life cycle of Marchantia, a liverwort ( Familie: Marchantiaceae, phylum: Hepatophyta; sometimes ...

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Subspecies Marchantia paleacea Bertol. ssp. paleacea P. Species Marchantia polymorpha L. P. Subspecies Marchantia polymorpha L. ssp. montivagans Bischl .

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Marchantia belongs to the complex thalloid group.The Marchantia thallus (plant body) is a flattened strap-like structure, 325 –925 µm thick, divided into three ...

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Mar 2, 2013 ... LIVERWORTS: As you look at the materials of Marchantia draw a chart that shows all the relevant structures superimposed on a diagram of the ...

Marchantia Genome


Mar 30, 2016 ... This site is a preliminary genome database for writing the manuscript of Marchantia polymorpha complete genome sequence (JGI Ver. 3.1).

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Oct 18, 2014 ... This is a detailed presentation on Morphology, anatomy and reproduction of Marchantia spp. with high quality pics and eye capturing ...