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How to Become a Marine Biologist
Marine biologists study ocean life and its relationship to the environment. Studies are conducted from boats, at oceanography centers, at aquariums and in certain coastal areas. Advanced degrees in the field are necessary for positions of responsibility... More »
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Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine bodies of water. ... For the Seinfeld episode, see The Marine Biologist. Two views  ...

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A marine biologist researches and explores organisms, both plants and animals, within the marine biology field. This field has to do with animals and plants that ...

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But what is a marine biologist? To many, it means being a dolphin trainer but to others it means managing a marine wildlife sanctuary. There are many answers ...

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Specializations can be based on a particular species, organism, behavior, technique or ecosystem. For example, a marine biologist may choose to study a ...

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Do you love spending time on the ocean? Are you interested in dolphins and whales? While many marine biologists study these intelligent and endearing ...

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A marine biologist is someone who studies all types of sea creatures, and can choose to specialize in studying large ocean animals, all the way down to ...

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Learn more about the Marine Biologist job market for salaries of real jobs in your area. Alternatively, see what Marine Biologists earn in other states.

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science career of a marine biologist. ... Facts & Information. Education. On the Job. Project Ideas. More. Email. Print. Marine biologist collect marine water sample ...

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So a biological oceanographer might study the impact of cold upwellings on anchovy populations off the coast of South America, where a marine biologist might ...