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Eledumare is the name given to one of the three manifestations of the Supreme God in the Yoruba pantheon. Eledumare is the Supreme Creator. The Supreme ...

Olodumare: God in Yoruba Belief: Bolasi E. Idowu: 9780942272413 ...


Olodumare: God in Yoruba Belief [Bolasi E. Idowu] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A must for all practitioners and students of Yoruba ...

Olodumare - Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers


Aug 27, 2013 ... Olodumare is the creator deity of the native Yoruban religion and its diaspora including Santeria (La Regla Lukumi) and Candomble.

Baba Oduduwa taking about GOD: Diference between Olodumare and ...


Baba Oduduwa taking about GOD: Diference between Olodumare and Olofin Discussions in the HubPages Religion and Philosophy Forum.

OLORUN - the African Supreme God (African mythology)


Aug 19, 2013 ... In OLODUMARE mode he's surprisingly good at passing the buck. His wonderful blueprints for planet Earth were amazingly ambitious. But he ...

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There is one supreme God in the Lucumí pantheon, who like the Holy Trinity of the Catholic Church, has three representations and three names: Olodumare, ...

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Olodumare: God in Yoruba Belief and the Theistic Problem of. Evil. JOHN A. I. ... present Olodumare as Christian God, Muslim Allah, and Esu as Satan or Devil.



Dec 24, 2007 ... As for the Yoruba before the incursion of foreign religions, their Exalted Being (if you like the Almighty) is Olodumare. The major deities they call ...

Who are the Orishas? » Santeria Church of the Orishas


May 30, 2012 ... In Santeria we call God Olodumare, Olorun or Olofi (three names for one force). Olodumare is God the creator. Olorun is God the owner of ...

Olodumare, Olofi y Olorun - YouTube


Mar 21, 2012 ... http://santeria-orishas.blogspot.com Es el Sitio de Santeria donde podras conocer mas acerca de Olodumare, Olorun y Olofi Mas de los ...

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Q: How does one go about worshipping Olodumare?
A: You can worship Olodumare if you send me 10% of your earnings! Read More »
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Q: What time is it in Igbo Olodumare right now?
A: November 11th 2011, 04:12:31 WAT. Read More »
Source: www.trueknowledge.com
Q: Why is Yahweh real, but not Brahma, Aten, Ahura Mazda, Allah, Sha...
A: Yahweh is just the most popular god in this particular period of human history. Soon, he'll be as dead as all of the other 'gods' Read More »
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Q: How She Came To Be Messenger of Olodumare (God)
A: In the early days of the world, and of Ilé Ifé the orishas became tired of serving Olodumare. They began to resist the Lord of Heaven's edicts and to even plot ... Read More »
Source: www.orishanet.org
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When we ascend into the Yoruba religion, We must first look at the source of all living creatures within our universe and beyond. Thus it brings us to Olodumare ...