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In statistical significance testing, a one-tailed test and a two-tailed test are alternative ways of computing the statistical significance of a parameter inferred from a ...

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Definition of one-tailed test, from the Stat Trek dictionary of statistical terms and concepts. This statistics glossary includes definitions of all technical terms used ...

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A one-tailed test is a statistical test in which the critical area of a distribution is one-sided so that it is either greater than or less than a certain value, but not both.

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In this circumstance a one-tailed test is employed. The null hypothesis (H0) for a one tailed test is that the mean is greater (or less) than or equal to µ, and the ...

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The first of these is what is known as a one–tailed test, while the second is known as a two–tailed test. This refers back to the normal distribution and our sample ...

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By contrast, the null hypothesis for the one-tailed test is π ≤ 0.5. Accordingly, we reject the two-tailed hypothesis if the sample proportion deviates greatly from ...

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Why would you want to use a one tailed test? To find out if the true parameter ( e.g., mean, proportion, difference in means, differences in proportions) is greater  ...

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I'm not here to say a one-tailed test is inherently useless, but rather it is a risky point of confusion when understanding the validity of your testing campaigns and  ...

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A one-tailed test, also known as a directional hypothesis, is a test of significance to determine if there is a relationship between the variables in one direction.

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Yo' mama is so bad at statistics, she thought a one-tailed test was an obedience school for dogs! This lesson defines one-tailed tests, a type of...

One-Tailed Test
A statistical test in which the critical area of a distribution is one-sided so that it is either greater than or less than a certain value, but not both. If the sample that is being tested falls into the one-sided critical area, the alternative hypo... More »
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Because the one-tailed test provides more power to detect an effect, you may be tempted to use a one-tailed test whenever you have a hypothesis about the ...

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A one-tailed test is a test that will be interpreted only if the effect meets the criterion for significance and falls in the observed direction (i.e. the treatment improves ...

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Jul 31, 2015 ... The one tailed test takes as a null hypothesis the belief that the variation is not better than the control, but could be worse.” (quote source).