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The Ozark cavefish, Amblyopsis rosae, is a small subterranean freshwater fish native to the United States. It has been listed as a threatened species in the US ...

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Ozark Cavefish NWR is closed to all public access to protect the threatened fish species for which it is named after. Learn More. Refuge Banner Image. Wildlife &  ...

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The southern cavefish lives in the central and southeastern Ozark region. It is hard to distinguish the Ozark cavefish from the southern cavefish, but their ranges  ...

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Ozark cavefish are extremely specialized to their cave ecosystem, requiring a pristine water source that remains at a temperature between 12.8 and 15.6°C.

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This website is entirely dedicated to the Ozark cavefish, also known as Amblyopsis rosae. The Ozark cavefish is 90 mm long by the time it is considered fully ...

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ABSTRACT: The Ozark cavefish occurred in 13 caves of 180 sites surveyed in the ... The Ozark cavefish, Amblyopsis rosae (Eigenmann, 1898) is a member of ...

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Learn more about the Ozark cavefish - with amazing Ozark cavefish photos and facts on ARKive.

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The more rare cavefish is the Ozark cavefish, Amblyopsis rosae. This fish lives in the limestone aquifer under the Springfield plateau, with its range extending ...

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Jun 18, 1995 ... The Ozark cavefish is a barometer on the environment, akin to the proverbial canary in a coal mine. Spying the pollution-sensitive fish meant ...

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Oct 29, 2003 ... In underground caverns beneath the Ozark highlands of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, lurks the Ozark cavefish, a tiny, blind, translucent ...

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Habitat - The Ozark cavefish lives in cave streams and springs. The cave ecosystem is often dependent upon bats (especially gray bats) as a source of energy ...

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Habitat: The Ozark Cavefish is specially adapted for life in subterranean water. They live in the shallow groundwater aquifer in the Springfield Plateau which is a  ...

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Population: Ozark cavefish are consistently seen at 16 of the 41 known "active" sites (USFWS 2011). Based on groundwater recharge zones, the number of ...