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The panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is a species of chameleon found in the eastern and northern parts of Madagascar in a tropical forest biome.

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The Panther Chameleon is endemic to Madagascar where it is widespread in lowland areas of the northeast and east. Raselimanana and Rakotomala (2003)  ...

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Care sheet for the panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis).

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Within the commercial panther chameleon community, certain interests have attempted to label some of the known sub-local variations with designer names, ...

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Exhibiting some of the most spectacular colour variations of all chameleons, the large-bodied panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is highly sought after by ...

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My new panther chameleon has been crawling all over my arm for the last hour and I've been hand-feeding him crickets. It's the ambilobe and I think I'm going to  ...

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Location. Endemic to Madagascar, the panther chameleon is found in coastal regions and islands off central-eastern, north-eastern, northern and north- western ...

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Panther Chameleons vary in their color and patterning, based on where they come from off the island of Madagascar. This is the only island they naturally occur ...

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Lizard guide for Panther Chameleons, Furcifer pardalis, Panther Chameleon facts and information, Panther Chameleon pictures, chameleon care, pet ...

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Panther Chameleon Care Sheet on exactly how to care for your panther chameleon. Recommended Panther Chameleon Breeder.