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1 History of church buildings; 2 The parts of a church; 3 Churches through the ages. 3.1 English churches. 4 Related pages; 5 References; 6 Other websites ...


List of church architecture terms. The terms used in church architecture were developed first for the Gothic architecture cathedrals of the mediaeval era.


Church buildings have been a cornerstone of Christian faith since the beginning, however, their size and construction have changed over the years.


Click the various parts of the picture below to learn about the various parts of a Catholic church. This diagram is based on the classic, historical cruciform ...


A glossary of terms relating to internal features and furnishings in church buildings.


transept. noun. one of the two parts of a church that are built across the main part and make the church form the shape of a cross ...


Medieval architects designed most Romanesque and Gothic churches starting with the design of a Roman basilica. But many churches added a part coming out  ...


The parts of a church and the main furnishings: a glossary. Aisle A passageway between the areas of seating or pews, usually going from the back to the front.


Sep 30, 2015 ... Listed for $3.915 million, the Canyon Road property includes a one-bedroom house and two guesthouses.The home incorporates architectural ...


The Parts of a Church Bell. Model bell Named Parts. Here we have an image of a model bell, and an outline drawing naming the various parts of the mechanism.