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Production Possibility Frontier - PPF
A curve depicting all maximum output possibilities for two or more goods given a set of inputs (resources, labor, etc.). The PPF assumes that all inputs are used efficiently. As indicated on the chart above, points A, B and C represent the points a... More »

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A production–possibility frontier (PPF) or production possibility curve (PPC) is a graphical representation of possible combination of two goods with constant ...

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The production possibility frontier (PPF) is a curve depicting all maximum output possibilities for two goods, given a set of inputs consisting of resources and ...

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A production possibility frontier (PPF) shows the maximum possible output combinations of two goods or services an economy can achieve when all resources ...

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These combinations can also be shown graphically, the result being a production possibility frontier. The production possibility frontier (PPF) for computers and ...

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Definition. In economics, the term production possibility frontier refers to a graph that is used for comparing the rates of production of two commodities that make ...

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An introduction to the Production Possibility Frontier.

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Definition of production possibility frontier: PPF. A curve that compares the trade offs between two goods produced by an economy in order to...

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Tradeoffs for a hunter gatherer and the production possibilities frontier, and the notion of "ceteris paribus" (which means "everything else held equal").

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Learn more about production possibility frontier in the Boundless open textbook. A production-possibility frontier (PPF) graphs the combinations for the ...