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Production–possibility frontier


A production–possibility frontier is a graphical representation of possible combination of two goods with constant resources and technology. It is a graph ...

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The production possibility frontier (PPF) is a curve depicting all maximum output possibilities for two goods, given a set of inputs consisting of resources and ...

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An introduction to the Production Possibility Frontier.



In any society, people have to deal with limited resources by comparing their opportunity costs. If a country choose to produce more weapons, then this country  ...

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Definition: Production possibility frontier is the graph which indicates the various production possibilities of two commodities when resources are fixed.

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Learn more about production possibility frontier in the Boundless open textbook.

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The production possibility frontier (PPF) represents the quantity of output that can be obtained for a certain quantity of inputs using a given technology.

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Tradeoffs for a hunter gatherer and the production possibilities frontier, and the notion of "ceteris paribus" (which means "everything else held equal"). Created ...

What is Production Possibility Frontier? definition and meaning


Definition of production possibility frontier: PPF. A curve that compares the trade offs between two goods produced by an economy in order to...

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A production possibility Frontier shows how much an economy can produce given existing resources. A production possibility can show the difference choices ...

Production Possibility Frontier - PPF
A curve depicting all maximum output possibilities for two or more goods given a set of inputs (resources, labor, etc.). The PPF assumes that all inputs are used efficiently. As indicated on the chart above, points A, B and C represent the points a... More »
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Economics Basics: Production Possibility Frontier, Growth ...


Investopedia explains the Production Possibility Frontier, Opportunity Cost, and the differences between Comparative Advantage and Absolute Advantage.

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A production possibility frontier (PPF) shows the maximum possible output combinations of two goods or services an economy can achieve when all resources ...

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These combinations can also be shown graphically, the result being a production possibility frontier. The production possibility frontier (PPF) for computers and ...