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The Austro-Prussian War or Seven Weeks' War was a war fought in 1866 between the German Confederation under the leadership of the Austrian Empire and ...

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Feb 4, 2016 ... Seven Weeks' War, also called Austro-Prussian War, (1866), war between Prussia on the one side and Austria, Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, and ...

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The Austro-Prussian War (also called the Seven Weeks' War or the German Civil War) was a war fought between the Austrian Empire and its German allies, and ...

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History notes on the Seven Weeks' War in 1866, who fought, who won, map, battle.

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Jul 27, 2015 ... The Austro-Prussian or Seven Weeks War of 1866 was the second of three wars that led to German unification under the leadership of Prussia.

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Jun 5, 2016 ... The Seven Weeks' War, the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, was the name given to the war of 1866 between Prussia on the one side, and Austria, ...

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Seven Weeks' War definition, Austro-Prussian War. See more.

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Seven Weeks' War. (The). From June 8th to July 26th, 1866, between Prussia and Austria, for German supremacy. Italy was allied to Prussia. Hostilities broke ...

Nov 3, 2015 ... Video describing the events of the Seven Weeks War.

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Find out information about Seven Weeks War. see Austro-Prussian War Austro- Prussian War or Seven Weeks War, June 15–Aug. 23, 1866, between Prussia, ...

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Austro-Prussian War or Seven Weeks War, June 15–Aug. 23, 1866, between Prussia, allied with Italy, and Austria, seconded by Bavaria,

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Seven Weeks War (Austro-Prussian War). The Seven Weeks War was the brief struggle between two rising European powers, Austria and Prussia. This war took  ...



Seven Weeks' War: 1866. The speed of Prussia's victory in the war of 1866 against Austria is largely the result of reforms carried out in the Prussian army by  ...