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How to Calculate Shear Stress
Shear stress is the stress that is applied along a parallel or tangential direction to a cross-section of a material. Shear stress differs from normal stress, which is when stress is applied perpendicular to the face of a material. Calculating general... More »
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A shear stress, often denoted τ (Greek: tau), is defined as the component of stress coplanar with a material cross section. Shear stress arises from the force ...

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Shear Stress (t) is a measure of the force of friction from a fluid acting on a body in the path of that fluid. In the case of open channel flow, it is the force of moving ...

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In physics, shear stress is a stress state in which the shape of a material tends to change (usually by "sliding" forces -- torque by transversely-acting forces) ...

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Shear stress is the stress component parallel to a given surface, such as a fault plane, that results from forces applied parallel to the surface or from remote ...

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1. n. [Drilling Fluids]. The force per unit area required to sustain a constant rate of fluid movement. Mathematically, shear stress can be defined as: τ = F/A,. where

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Searched for "shear stress" in Term Name (1 result(s) found). S. shear stress. © 2017 Schlumberger Limited. All rights reserved. | Privacy | Terms | Help | Site ...

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Looking for online definition of shear stress in the Medical Dictionary? shear stress explanation free. What is shear stress? Meaning of shear stress medical term.

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Accurate measurements of shear stress are crucial to NASA's and aircraft manufacturers' research into developing more efficient airplanes. Shear stress affects ...

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shear stress (τ) The stress which acts parallel to a plane on which a force has been applied. Shear stresses tend to promote sliding along a plane.