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Sled dogs are highly trained dogs that are used to pull sleds. Huskies, Malamutes and related crossbreeds bred for speed and endurance are the most commonly used dogs for sledding.

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Sled dogs were important for transportation in arctic areas, hauling supplies in areas that were inaccessible by other methods. They were used with varying ...

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Welcome to the next stage of evolution! This is where you can find everything you need to know about Sled Dogs Snowskates.

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Sled Dogs by Alexa, Jenaya, and Miriah. We live in Minnesota, and our whole family raises and races sled dogs. We race 4-dog, 6-dog, and 12-dog teams.

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Clarkson University Professor to Represent U.S. at Sleddog World Championship . Clarkson University Distinguished Service Professor of Civil & Environmental ...

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Sled Dog Action Coalition is committed to improving the lives of Iditarod sled dogs and providing truthful information about their treatment in the Alaskan race.

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According to some historic accounts, Russian traders followed the Yukon River inland in the mid-1800's to acquire sled dogs from the interior regions of this ...

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The Yukon Quest is powered by sled dogs. These incredible canine athletes are the heart and soul of this great race. Their ancestors made it possible for ...

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Life Below Zero: Sled Dogs. For Andy and Kate, their Alaskan sled dogs are their companions, workforce, transportation, and livelihood.

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The original sled dogs were chosen for their size, brute strength and stamina, but modern sled dogs are generally mixed-breed ('Alaskan') huskies who have ...