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The South Platte Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation. Fossil ankylosaur tracks have been reported from the formation.


The Dakota Formation is a geologic formation composed of sedimentary rocks deposited on the .... or facies, of the Dakota Group are sometimes called the Lytle Formation, and near-shore marine facies are called the South Platte Formation.


Aug 3, 2016 ... South Platte formation*. Modifications: Named. Dominant lithology: Shale; Sandstone. AAPG geologic province: Denver basin. Publication:.


The South Platte Formation of the Dakota Group and the Laramie Formation have produced the bulk of the clay in the county, and the Laramie Formation has ...


named the South Platte formation. The term Dakota group is retained to include these two formations. Lytle sediments were deposited on flood plains and are ...


Formation above and a nonmarine Lytle For- mation below. The South Platte Formation consists of an upper sandstone unit (first sand- stone subunit of Waage, ...


Cretaceous dinosaur footprints discovered in the J Sandstone of the South Platte Formation (Dakota Group) in Colorado and the St. Mary River Formation of ...


Formation and the South Platte Formation is shown by figure 6. A detailed stratigraphic model for J. Sandstone delta-plain sequences has been developed from ...


The South Platte Formation consists of a lower sandstone (Plainnew Member); middle clayey siltstone and sandstone (Skull Creek interval); and upper.