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South Platte Formation


The South Platte Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation. Fossil ankylosaur tracks have been reported from the formation.

Dakota Group in Northern Front Range Foothills, Colorado


named the South Platte formation. The term Dakota group is retained to include these two formations. Lytle sediments were deposited on flood plains and are ...

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Cretaceous dinosaur footprints discovered in the J Sandstone of the South Platte Formation (Dakota Group) in Colorado and the St. Mary River Formation of ...

Didactyl raptor tracks from the Cretaceous, Plainview ... - Lida Xing

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(Plainview Member) of the South Platte Formation (Dakota Group) at Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado are attributed to deinonychosaurian theropod dinosaurs and ...

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Aug 16, 2007 ... The South Platte Formation of the Dakota Group represents the first Cretaceous marine flooding of Colorado along the Western Interior Seaway ...

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Formation and the South Platte Formation is shown by figure 6. A detailed stratigraphic model for J. Sandstone delta-plain sequences has been developed from ...

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Sep 25, 2007 ... The Plainview Sandstone member of the South Platte Formation, as well as the Lytle Formation, are exposed in the southwest corner as well as ...

the neoformation of clay minerals in brackish and marine ...


Apr 10, 1970 ... Clay mineralogy of the South Platte Formation, Colorado. The South Platte Formation, Albian-?Cenomanian, of Colorado (Waag6, 1961).

An Ornithopod-Dominated Tracksite from the Lower Cretaceous ...


Oct 22, 2015 ... ... such as trackway MWC 201.1 from the South Platte Formation (Late Aptian- Early Cenomanian) of the Dakota Group of Colorado, USA [45].

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May 12, 2003 ... This area was once the shore of a vast sea -- ripples in the sands of that shoreline were preserved in the South Platte Formation of the Dakota ...

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Geologic Overview of Jefferson County, CO - Inside Mines


The South Platte Formation of the Dakota Group and the Laramie Formation have produced the bulk of the clay in the county, and the Laramie Formation has ...

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Mar 8, 1970 ... Shale Member and older members of the South Platte Formation nf Albion age in Colorado. Upper Cretaceous sedimentary rocks consisting ...