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Succoth-benoth or Succoth Benoth Booths of Daughters" was a Babylonian deity, one of the deities brought to the former kingdom of Samaria (Israel) by "the ...

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What is Succoth-benoth? Definition and meaning: Succoth-benoth Occurs only in ( .

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In Hebrew, Succoth-benoth means "booths of daughters," and has been explained as the chambers wherein the Babylonians placed women for prostitution; ...

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The name Succoth-benoth occurs only once in the Bible, although it may be an expansion of the name Sikkuth, which may or may not occur in the Bible at all.

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Succoth-benoth. Meaning: tents of daughters. supposed to be the name of a Babylonian deity, the goddess Zir-banit, the wife of Merodach, worshipped by the  ...

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Succoth-benoth. A goddess worshipped by the Samaritan colonists from Babylon (2 Kgs. 17:30). She was regarded as the goddess of wisdom, the lady of the ...

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Metaphysical meaning of Succoth-benoth (mbd) Succoth-benoth, sue'-coth-be'- noth (Heb.)--booths of the daughters; booths for the daughters; daughters' tents.

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The men of Babylon made Succoth-benoth - This, literally, signifies the tabernacles of the daughters or young women, and most evidently refers to those public ...

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Hebrew. Strongs #05524: twnb twko Cukkowth b@nowth. Succoth-benoth = "the daughter's booth" 1) Assyrian or Babylonian deity worshipped by the ...

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... favourite of Persephone. In black magic he is the chief eunuch of the Royal Household. At times, known as Succor Benoth, Succoth Benoth or Succoth Benoth.