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Taciturn or Taciturnity may refer to: HMS Taciturn (P314), a British submarine of the third group of the T class; Silence · Abandonment (legal) failure to assert a ...

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Taciturn definition, inclined to silence; reserved in speech; reluctant to join in conversation. See more.

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Define taciturn: tending to be quiet : not speaking frequently — taciturn in a sentence.

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Someone who is taciturn is reserved, not loud and talkative. The word itself refers to the trait of reticence, of seeming aloof and uncommunicative. A taciturn ...

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Pronunciation of taciturn. How to say taciturn with audio by Macmillan Dictionary.

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adjective. (of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little: ' after such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose'. More example sentences.

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How to use taciturn in a sentence. Example sentences with the word taciturn. taciturn example sentences.

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The definition of taciturn is someone who doesn't say much. An example of taciturn is a person who sits quietly at the edge of the room and only responds in  ...

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Characterized by reserve or a lack of expression: "Beneath his taciturn exterior was an optimist" (Buzz Bizzinger). [French taciturne, from Old French, from Latin ...

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taciturn (comparative more taciturn, superlative most taciturn) ... have been more different, one so boisterous and expressive, the other so taciturn and calm.

inclined to silence; reserved in speech; reluctant to join in conversation.
dour, stern, and silent in expression and manner.
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taciturn | Define taciturn at Dictionary.com
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