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Fine Arts. a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, or the like.
a hinged, three-leaved tablet, written on, in ancient times, with a stylus.
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How to Make a Triptych
A triptych is simply an artwork that is spread across three panels. A triptych can use one image that spreads across three panels, or can be similar in theme, but use different images, or any combination of these. They are intended to be displayed side... More »
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A triptych (/ˈtrɪptɪk/ TRIP-tik; from the Greek adjective τρίπτυχον ("three-fold"), from tri, i.e., "three" and ptysso,...
The triptych is a very popular format in the arts for a range of reasons. The way an artist uses the three panels of a triptych can vary; sometimes they may flow together to form a single unified scene, or they may each function as a separate painting; but usually ther... More »
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Triptych will illuminate
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Triptych | Definition of triptych by Merriam-Webster

a picture (such as a painting) that has three panels placed next to each other. Are you a trivia master? Test your knowledge with our trivia game. » ...

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Q: What is a triptych?
A: A triptych is a work of art (usually a panel painting) which is divided into three sections, or three carved panels which are hinged together and folded. Read More »
Q: What is a triptych?
A: Triptych is the art consisting of a painting or carving (especially an altarpiece) on three p... Read More »
Q: What Is a Triptych.
A: Definition: A triptych is picture in three parts. The triptych is a very popular format in the arts for a range of reasons. The triptych is used for altarpieces... Read More »
Q: How to Create a Triptych in Lightroom.
A: Instructions. Open Lightroom. Click "Collections" in the left-hand menu and select the folder with the images you want to split into panels. Click "Print" on th... Read More »
Q: What is trip·tych?
A: (trĭp'tĭk) n. A work consisting of three painted or carved panels that are hinged together. A hinged writing tablet consisting of three leaves, used in ancient ... Read More »