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Vorticella is a genus of protozoa, with over 16 known species. They are stalked, inverted bell-shaped ciliates, placed among the peritrichs. Each cell has a ...

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Information about the vorticella with drawings and links to color images.

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Aug 7, 2010 ... The small subunit rRNA (SSrRNA) gene has proved crucial for distinguishing between Vorticella species. Because different species are ...

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This page is an index to digital videos of the protozoan Vorticella.

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Many species of the genus Vorticella are common ciliates living in many types of aquatic habitats.

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Vorticella Taxonomic Serial No.: 46497. (Download Help) Vorticella TSN ... Species, Vorticella campanula Ehr. ... Species, Vorticella submicrostoma Ghosh.

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The "vorticella" are attractive, quite abundant organisms, and as with many species, most of them cosmopolitan. They are common and easy to observe (a ...

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May 17, 2013 ... Vorticella is a unicellular ciliated aquatic protist. Newly budded cells are free swimming, but in older organisms, the long stalk is usually ...

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Vorticella convallaria is one of a class of fast-moving organisms that can traverse its body size in less than a millisecond by rapidly coiling a slender stalk ...

Oct 23, 2006 ... This clip shows the development and movement of food vacuoles very clearly.
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Genus of the ciliate protozoan order Peritrichida, a bell-shaped or cylindrical organism with a conspicuous ring of cilia (hairlike processes) on the oral end and a ...

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Description of Vorticella. As with the majority of peritrich ciliates, Vorticella has a bell-shaped body and attached to the substrate by means of a stalk. The stalk is ...

Protozoa: Ciliates: Peritrichs. An introduction with photomicrographs.


(See Colonial Ciliates, most of which are peritrichs). Vorticella. Vorticella, the classic peritrich, was also called the "bell animalcule" by early microscopists on ...