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Information on Windmills
A windmill is any device which takes energy from the wind and uses it mechanically. Classical windmills were used to cut wood, pump water or grind grain for use in baking. Modern equivalents are used to generate electricity. Windmills are especially... More »


A windmill is a mill that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades. Centuries ago, windmills usually were used ...

Golden Gate Park Windmills & Tulips

Located on the western section of the Golden Gate Park, two windmills reside, which at one time served a functional purpose for the city, but now stand as regal  ...

Early History Through 1875

The first windmills were developed to automate the tasks of grain-grinding and water-pumping and the earliest-known design is the vertical axis system ...
Use this directory to find facts and photos for wind powered architecture, including windmill histories and information on windmill construction. Be sure to scroll past the ad box for more windmill links and resources. More »

Aermotor Windmill Company - Wind-Powered Water Pumps

Manufacturer of windmills and their towers. Features product information, company history, FAQ, prices, and contact information.

Wind Energy Windmills - Palm Springs - Palm

Increasingly popular as alternative sources of energy, wind turbine generators are a type of windmill that produces electricity by harnessing the wind.

Windmills -

windmill apparatus that harnesses wind power for a variety of uses, e.g., pumping water, grinding corn, driving small sawmills, and driving...

American Windmills is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Old Farm Style Water Pumping Windmill and Hand Pump systems. Lots of good ...

Windmill | Definition of windmill by Merriam-Webster

a structure that has parts which are turned around by the wind and that is used to produce power, pump water, etc. 22 charming words for nasty people » ...

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Q: How to Windmill
A: 1 Crouch on the ground on your knees. Before you do the windmill, you have to get down on the floor. This can help you position your hands correctly so you can ... Read More »
Q: What is a windmill?
A: engine driven by the wind, traditionally built mostly of wood, used to grind grain, but also widely used for other tasks such as pumping water. Read More »
Q: What are windmills?
A: Answer Windmills were originally just that, a wind-powered grain mill (to turn grain into flour). Many "windmills", for instance those scattered around the Aust... Read More »
Q: What is windmilling?
A: ( ′win′mil·iŋ ) (mechanical engineering) The rotation of a propeller from the force of the air when the engine is not operating. Read More »
Q: How to Make a Garden Windmill.
A: Things You'll Need. Tin snips. Power drill with drill bits. String. Grease pencil. Ruler. Utility knife. Hand saw. Vise. Rubber mallet. Sheet metal, 28-gauge or... Read More »