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The main language spoken in Poland is Polish. The deaf communities use Polish Sign Language belonging to the German family of Sign Languages. According ...

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The number of individual languages listed for Poland is 21. All are living languages. Of these, 7 are indigenous and 14 are non-indigenous. Furthermore, 3 are ...

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The latest language knowledge statistics for Poland. Find out which languages are most widely spoken in Poland, see how it's evolving from one generation to ...

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Languages in Poland. The official language of Poland is Polish. Foreign visitors should be aware that virtually all official information will usually be in Polish only  ...

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Poland. 98% of Poland's 39m population speak the official language of Polish. The remaining 2% speak minority languages including German, Ukrainian and ...

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Polish is the most widely-spoken West Slavic language and the second most- spoken Slavic language after Russian. 97% of Polish citizens speak Polish as their ...

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Polish language. Have fun learning Polish at Babbel.com with our award-winning interactive courses. Try your first lesson for free!

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In the communist times it was Russian, now it's definitely English. The second one is German.

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The official language of Poland is Polish. It is spoken by almost 43 million people of Poland. Polish is a Slavonic language and belongs to the West Slavic group, ...

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Information about Polish language - vocabulary, grammar, phraseology and translation services.

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Overrun countless times by marauding aggressors, subjugated to overbearing foreign rule for centuries, and now told their beloved vodka can be made from anything, the Polish nation has endured... More »