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Coral reef


Coral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals. Coral reefs are built by colonies of tiny animals ...

Corals and Coral Reefs | Smithsonian Ocean Portal


Coral reefs are the most diverse of all marine ecosystems. They teem with life, with perhaps one quarter of all ocean species depending on reefs...

NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) Home Page


The Coral Reef Conservation Program is a partnership between the NOAA Line Offices that work on coral reef issues. We bring together expertise from across ...

Coral reefs | WWF


Conservation of ocean environments, seas, coasts, the coral reefs and their magnicient diversity of marine animals and plants.

Coral Reefs


Coral reefs are the most diverse and beautiful of all marine habitats. Large wave resistant structures have accumulated from the slow growth of corals.

Coral Reef Conservation | Coral Reef Alliance |


The Coral Reef Alliance is committed to coral reef conservation. We lead research, education and public awareness campaigns to preserve the health of coral ...

Coral Reefs - National Geographic


Coral reefs are the foundation of many marine ecosystems—and they are in danger.

Protect & Save Coral Reefs | The Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy is dedicated to protecting these vital coral reef ecosystems and all the corals, fish and people that depend on them.

EDGE :: Coral Reefs Overview - EDGE of Existence


Welcome to the unique, stunning and hugely diverse world of coral reefs! Everywhere you look the reef harbours an incredible array of life, from cleaner wrasse ...

Coral Reef Composition - Sea World


Naturalist Charles Darwin's theory of coral formation is widely accepted. This theory recognizes three types of reefs: the fringing reef, the barrier reef, and the ...

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Coral Reef High School


State funded school located in Miami, Florida. News, announcements, current students and staff. [Diploma]

Coral Reef | Basic Facts About Coral Reefs | Defenders of Wildlife


Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens of thousands of marine species. About one-third of all marine fish species live ...

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LOCATION: Coral reefs are generally found in clear, tropical oceans. Coral reefs form in waters from the surface to about 150 feet (45 meters) deep because ...