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A missus dominicus (plural missi dominici), Latin for "envoys] of the lord ruler]" or palace inspector, also known in Dutch as Zendgraaf (German: Sendgraf), ...

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Missus dominicus, ( Latin: “envoy of the lord”) plural missi dominici, officials sent by some Frankish kings and emperors to supervise provincial administration.

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Reign of Charlemagne—The Early Holy Roman Empire


His greatest institution, perhaps, was that of the Missi Dominici or king's messengers. These king's messengers were officers whom he sent into all parts of his ...

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MISSI DOMINICI, the name given to the officials commissioned by the Frankish kings and emperors to supervise the administration of their dominions.

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To enforce loyalty, he set up the system of Missi Dominici, meaning 'Envoys of the Lord.' In this system, one representative of the church and one representative ...

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At all times, central authorities have instituted agents charged with controlling their officials in local administration. The Merovingian Crown delegated.

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Medieval Sourcebook: Charlemagne: General Capitulary of the Missi (802). First chapter. Concerning the embassy sent out by the lord emperor. Therefore, the ...

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Quatre fois par an, les assemblées provinciales se tenaient sous la présidence des missi dominici. Ceux-ci étaient les yeux de l'empereur, les messagers ...

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Q: What was the importance of the missi dominici?
A: Missi dominici were officials commissioned by the Frankish kings and Read More »
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Q: How did the missi dominici...?
A: Basically, they reported to the king, who'd then take disciplinary measures. Mostly, it would mean that an administrator (whether a provicial count, or the pers... Read More »
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Q: Who were the missi dominici?
A: I believe they were sort of special field agents of the Feudal French Army. The name isderived from the latin and means (messengers of the lord) Lord here meani... Read More »
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Q: What is Missi Dominici?
A: Missi dominici were court officers that date back to the Carolingian period. The literal Read More »
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Q: The missi dominici were?
A: I think the missi dominici were men sent out by (originally) Charlemagne. They were sent out to make sure the rulers under him were carrying out his will. Missi... Read More »
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