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Rāhula (born c. 534 BCE) was the only son of Siddhartha Gautama (commonly known as Buddha), and his wife Princess Yasodharā. ... the pleasure and joy that a man receives in his wife and ch...

Buddhist Studies: The Buddha and His Disciples - Rahula


Yasodhara took the little Rahula to listen to the Buddha's preaching. When they ... "Even so, little is the training of those who have no shame at intentional lying."

Should Buddhists have Children? « Daily Buddhism


Jul 9, 2013 ... Did Buddha warn against attachments? Yes. This is a pretty deep question when you start thinking about it. If you, as a Buddhist, have children ...

Buddha Biography - life, family, death, history, mother, son ...


The Buddha was an Indian philosopher (seeker of wisdom), religious teacher, ... Gautama is said to have experimented with many different teachings for seven ... to attain final salvation, or nirvana, but this did not stop its members from trying.

Brownie's Lament: How could the Buddha Abandon his Son?


Sep 5, 2009 ... I have heard the story of the Buddha's life from childhood. ... I suppose stories we learn in religious contexts as children often go unquestioned. ... So it seems clear to me that the Buddha did not “abandon” his son, but that the ...

Profile of Rahula - The Buddha's Son and Disciple - About Buddhism


Some modern wits have called the Buddha a "deadbeat dad." But the infant Rahula ... So the child, as children will, attached himself to his father. He followed the ...

If the Buddha Had Kids: Raising Children to Create a More Peaceful ...


Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for If the Buddha Dated “[Charlotte Kasl] adds an entirely .... If the Buddha Had Kids is a must read, even if you don't have children and just need a guide on parenting yourself! ... Wonderfully worded guide to raising kids...even though, yes, Buddha did actually have children which, according ...

Was Buddha a Bad Father? - Altucher Confidential - James Altucher


I have a very wealthy friend who has three homes, is going to inherit a ... Buddha's father also was frustrated and greatly missed his son. ... The other kid, used to being on the defensive, has a way of making annoying comebacks that disregard the attack. .... And this is one of the most foolish things that he did in his life.

Buddhism for Children


Understanding Buddhism for Children doing their homework. ... Why did Siddhartha Gautama stop being a prince and become a Holy Man? Siddharta had also ...

Son of a Buddha! - Left Brain Buddha


May 1, 2014 ... In fact, I own a book called If The Buddha Had Kids. ... “The Buddha would have felt a lot differently about this whole living in the moment crap .... Or maybe I did know, and I forgot – like the process of a tree releasing oxygen…

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Why did Gautam Buddha leave his wife only after one night? - Quora


The following story is intended to give answer of the following questions. Why did Siddhartha ... They met families with nine or ten children, every child racked with disease. ... But he concealed it, as he did not have any alternatives to offer.

What did Gautam Buddha's wife do after he left her? - Quora


Oct 21, 2014 ... Yaśodhara was the daughter of King Suppabuddha,and Pamitā, sister of the ... Quora User, have read a couple of sutras of Buddhism.

The Buddha as a Parent: Insight Meditation Center


Many have been perplexed, sometimes outraged, at such a seemingly .... Only then did the Buddha teach breath meditation in its classic formulation of sixteen stages. ... When teaching meditation to kids I have noticed that at about thirteen or ...