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Are Possums Dangerous to People or Dogs. ... So if your dog messes with a possum, and the possum doesn't play dead, it might bite back. ... One of the things that opossums will do in order to avoid a confrontation with humans is play dead, ...

Feb 4, 2009 ... This is a story about one man's struggle against killer possums. His story will amaze you!
Nov 30, 2011 ... This video is intended to show that opossums are not the vicious ... they are capable of biting but they do not attack even when cornered.


Dec 11, 2003 ... I have possums but they do not visit every night. .... ground and I can tell you exactly what a possum bite feels like from first hand experience.


What can I do? I see an opossum sharing a food dish with my cat. Is this normal? Will opossums attack my pets? Will an opossum bite my children? I heard ...


From diseases that only affect other opossums through to those that can be ... can transmit disease through the usual methods of scratching and biting the victim.


Nov 14, 2012 ... But first, the burning question: is it opossum or possum? ... Opossums are mostly immune to rabies, and in fact, they are eight ... I said it was Lonesome George, the local opossum and they seldom bite (esp when being served ...


I have to periodically get possums out of my peacock yard. I lock up the food at night ... Now if you corner them, they will bite, they are vicious, and their bites ... an opossum into bitting them and they resolve never to do it again.


Oct 18, 2016 ... Infection, possible disease, including Rabies. See a doctor. Is the possum alive? If dead, you could try to get it tested for rabies to prevent ...


Mostly considered minor nuisances, opossums become problematic when they decide to nest and forage near residential and commercial areas. The pesky ...