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Emo originated as an outgrowth of the hardcore punk scene of ... of the national punk scene over the next two decades.


The Emo genre and subculture has become something that is very hard to define. Because of this it is difficult to trace its ancestry. Most people who claim to be ...


May 24, 2014 ... The rise and fall of emo: why you shouldn't be ashamed of liking emo ... considering this was well into the file-sharing, Napster/Limewire era.


Jul 17, 2008 ... Washington DC – The capital of the United States is the birthplace of emotional hardcore. A string of highly influential hardcore bands, all of ...


Apr 21, 2003 ... Emotional-punk music's history is highly debatable, both because bands that have been part of the "emo" movement shun the term and try to ...


Sadly, since the formulation and ongoing existence of Hot Topic, the term emo has been incorrectly characterized for a little more than a decade. You have to ...


Aug 10, 2017 ... Read & discuss all things emo scene including the basics of what is emo ... a hundred pointless debates about the definition and origin of emo.


The Emo and Goth movements are both based in the punk rock movement of the ... Emo originated from Washington DC and other parts of USA while Goth is ...


Everywhere you go, these days, it seems that the "emo" craze has a firm grip on youth culture. ... Where the term originated is a mystery. It is said to have ... By the end of the decade, the Indie emo scene had almost completely disappeared.