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Emo originated as an outgrowth of the hardcore punk scene of ... of the national punk scene over the next two decades.


By looking at the musical scenes of the late 1980's and early 1990's we can better determine the roots and influences that started and continue to affect the emo ...


In each era, there was important changes in the music that affected the emo subculture or emo scene. For each era, we'll divide things up into “The Music” and ...


Yeah, I'd say it was 2004 that Emo really started to become popular and ... Emo when it didn't even become widely popular until mid-decade.


May 24, 2014 ... We started to see mainstream emo at the start of the millennium with ... Less than a decade after the boom, the scene's popularity, at least on a ...


Jul 17, 2008 ... At the turn of the new decade, two disparate cities (New York and San .... wasn't a cool enough name, so people just started calling it emo.


Everywhere you go, these days, it seems that the "emo" craze has a firm grip ... that some fans of the band had started using the term emotional hardcore to ... By the end of the decade, the Indie emo scene had almost completely disappeared.


Oct 27, 2013 ... What was officially known as the first wave of pop-punk started to ... This is what created the rise of the emo scene during this time, ... Whether or not it'll go under any more changes within the next decade or so is unknown, ...


Jan 28, 2016 ... As time went on, Emo bands started to experiment more with .... There were other solid bands of this early Revolution Summer era, such as ...


Origin. The word "emo" surfaced, like boy bands, during the 1990s. The theory that the word was used in the late 1980s to describe a branch of hardcore punk ...