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Compact disc manufacturing is the process by which commercial compact discs ( CDs) are ... This process is used in the mastering of read-only compact discs; CD -Rs, CD-RWs, and DVDs are made somewhat ...

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Jan 18, 2009 ... How are CDs/DVDs Manufactured? From Season 1, Episode 2 of How It's Made. ... How It's Made: Compact Discs. HowItsMadeEpisodes.

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Background. Ever since the invention of the phonograph in 1876, music has been a popular source of home entertainment. In recent years, the compact disc has ...

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But if you are a music lover and CD collector, you may still be interested in knowing how compact discs are made. In this paper the author will try to explain the ...

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Jun 17, 2016 ... A compact disc is a thin, circular disc of metal and plastic about 12cm (just over 4.5 inches) in diameter. It's actually made of three layers.

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Understanding the CD: Material - Before compact discs, you had to rewind and fast-forward to get to a particular bit of information. Not so with digital storage ...

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Yet, for most people, how a CD is made remains a mystery. At duplication.ca, we have chosen an experienced, ISO9002-certified CD manufacturing partner that ...

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A compact disc or CD is a device used to store digital data. Here is a look at the composition of a compact disc or what CDs are made of.

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Jul 29, 2014 ... Jacques Heemskerk, research scientist: 'When the CD came in, I got rid ... So we made a deal with Dire Straits to promote it: their music was all ...

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A compact disc is a thin wafer of clear polycarbonate plastic and metal measuring 4.75 in (120 mm) in ... Compact discs are made in a multistep process. First a ...