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A fire whirl – also colloquially known as a fire devil, fire tornado, firenado, or fire twister, or in Japan dragon twist – is a whirlwind induced by a fire and often made up ...

How Fire Tornadoes Form (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel


May 15, 2014 ... The inferno spun off smoke twisters, and a fire tornado formed. ... seen a waterspout, generally weak tornadoes forming over a body of water.

Pictures: Fire "Tornado" Spotted—How Do They Form?


Sep 22, 2012 ... "Firenadoes"—such as the one filmed recently in the Australian Outback—aren't rare, just rarely reported, an expert says.

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Sep 8, 2010 ... For more Discovery News, visit http://news.discovery.com/videos/#mkcpgn= ytdsc1 | Fire tornadoes are rare in nature, but when they do start ...

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Fire tornadoes occur when heat, ash and fire get swept up in a spinning mass of ... And they obey many of the same principles that govern the formation of true ...

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Fire Tornado. A fire tornado is just like a tornado but made of fire instead of air. When we picture a tornado, most of us imagine a whirling column of air poking ...

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Aug 26, 2010 ... A fire tornado has swept through the Brazilian city of Aractuba after a three-month drought created perfect conditions for the rare phenomenon.

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Sep 1, 2010 ... A fire whirl, also known as a fire tornado or fire devil, is a rare phenomenon in which fire forms a tornado-like vortex of flames. Fire whirls can.

California fire tornadoes catch the eye, but just what is a 'firenado ...


May 15, 2014 ... California fire tornadoes catch the eye, but just what is a 'firenado'? ... but then a massive fire whirl formed and swept over the area, killing ...

Fire tornadoes: a rare weather phenomenon - Australian Geographic


Nov 1, 2012 ... Known as fire devils, fire tornadoes and even 'firenados', they can come in different sizes and intensities, and are formed in different ways ...

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May 16, 2014 ... A fire tornado isn't really a tornado at all. A true tornado is formed when three key elements collide: warm, moist air close to the ground; ...

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About.com expert Rachelle Oblack explains that fire tornadoes are most likely to form when ambient wind speeds are mild. Once the tornado forms, however, ...

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Fire tornadoes occur when heat, ash and fire get swept up in a spinning mass of air. Learn about the phenomenon of fire tornadoes.