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The essential difference between meiosis I and meiosis II is in purpose. ... which, because of recombination, carry different combinations of the parent's genes.

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Meiosis I vs Meiosis II. Meiosis I. Meiosis I. 1. It is heterotypic or reduction ... Crossing over occurs which makes the two chromatids of a chromosome different . 5.

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Oct 7, 2015 ... Meiosis 1 - crossing over happens during prophase (because there ... there is a separation of chromatids and the end result of meiosis 2 is a ...



Ensure the next generation has a different genetic makeup. Overview of Meiosis. Consists of 2 cell divisions (Meiosis I and II) resulting in 4 daughter cells.

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Meiosis 1 is the reductional division occurring to form gametes.This means that the 2n pair of chromosomes reduces to single set of n in a cell,along with ...

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Aug 22, 2015 ... In meiosis 1 occurs something called crossing over. Thanks to this the genetic information is recombinated. Meiosis 2 is the same as the ...

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Mar 2, 2014 ... Meiosis 1 and 2 ... Published on Mar 2, 2014 ... Meiosis: Prophase I, Part 1 of 2, from Thinkwell's Video Biology Course - Duration: 5:42.

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Apr 24, 2011 ... Meiosis 1 vs Meiosis 2 Cell division is a vital process in reproduction. Without it we will not exist simply because we all came from a single cell.

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Our chromosome number is 46. For the existence of any species chromosome number should be maintained. We inherited the genetic program from our parents ...

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Nov 23, 2016 ... Meiosis I and Meiosis II: Meiosis I produces two haploid cells from a ... with each phase producing different products and each phase being as ...