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How Are Robots Used in the Military?
Few military devices are more impressive than service robots. This article will explain how robots help the military save lives.... More »
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Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots designed for military .... The majority of military robots are tele-operated and not equipped with weapons; they are used for reconnaissance, surveillance, sniper detection, ...


Learn about military robots and how these robots are used by military organization. Read on to discover major information on robots used in military.


The use of robots in warfare had its origins back in World War II. The Germans used a remote controlled military robot called Goliath, a track mine or demolition  ...


The U.S. is already using unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct surveillance and drop missiles on suspected terrorists overseas in places like Pakistan and ...


Nov 7, 2011 ... Mobile robotics play an increasingly important role in military matters, from ... These same mobile robotic systems are used for neutralizing or ...


U.S. Navy Could Deploy Robot Boats To Find Undersea Mines. Continuing the quest to keep humans and explosions far, far away from each other. By Kelsey D.


Aug 4, 2008 ... This is no ordinary soldier, though — it is Packbot from the iRobot Corporation. Robots in the military are no longer the stuff of science fiction.


And today the development in this technology is well demonstrated by military robots in Afghanistan and Iraq. At present the most commonly used military robot  ...


Jan 27, 2015 ... The US military is currently looking for robot specialists to build swarms of ... as well as robots being used for bomb disposal and surveillance.