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Phosphorus is a chemical element with symbol P and atomic number 15. As an element .... Owing to its pyrophoricity, white phosphorus is used as an additive in ... the resulting product is more stabl...

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Phosphorus got its name because it glows in the dark. "Phosphorus" is ... Its symbol is P, from phosphorus. H i s t o r y ... It is a red powder and does not dissolve in most liquids. ... People also need phosphorus and they get it by eating plants.

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What's in a name? From the Greek word for light bearing, phosphoros. Say what? Phosphorus is pronounced as FOS-fer-es. History and Uses: In what is ...

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Element Phosphorus (P), Group 15, Atomic Number 15, p-block, Mass 30.974. ... Origin of the name, The name is derived from the Greek 'phosphoros', meaning ...

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Phosphorus's properties, interesting facts, discovery, videos, images, states, energies, ... He did not reveal his method publicly, choosing instead to sell it to Johann Daniel ... <sup>(3)</sup>. The name comes from the Greek word 'phosphoros' meaning bringer of light. ... Red phosphorus needs friction to ignite it, hence its use in ...

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Where did phosphorus get its name? Phosphorus gets its name from the Greek word "phosphoros" meaning "bringer of light." Henning Brandt picked this name ...

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Name: Phosphorus Symbol: P Atomic Number: 15. Atomic Mass: 30.97376 amu. Melting Point: 44.1 °C (317.25 K, 111.38 °F) Boiling Point: 280.0 °C (553.15 K, ...

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When exposed to sunlight, or when heated in its own vapour to 250°C, it is ... This form does not ignite spontaneously and it is a little less dangerous than ... word " phosphoros" meaning "bringer of light" (an ancient name for the planet Venus?)

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Phosphorus and its compounds may have been known before Brand's discovery. ... The new element seemed to be a way of getting rich and becoming famous. ... It does not dissolve well in water, although it does dissolve in other liquids, such as ... The number written to the right of the element's name is the mass number.

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Shows the position of Phosphorus on the periodic chart. Phosphorus's ... What does it look, feel, taste, or smell like?[edit] ... Where did its name come from?[edit].