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Pre-Columbian Aztec society was a highly complex and stratified society that developed among .... The word altepetl, however, did not only refer to the area but also to its .... to transport goods, ...

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They carried goods for trade by canoe and by teams of porters as they had no pack animals or wheeled vehicles to use.

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Did you know that the Aztec empire spread hundreds of miles across the whole of ... In it, the Aztecs go about their daily business transporting goods and ... On the upper right hand side of the island is the great market of Tlatelolco. ... a very long pilgrimage, and they were used to travelling overland for trade or to wage war.

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Nov 10, 2011 ... So thus, even in their trading system, they did not have the ... to transport goods, the local markets were an essential part of Aztec commerce.

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Trade, Transport, Temples, and Tribute: The Economics of Power.” Abstract: This ... example, tribute describes a system of economic exchange in which goods or services are ... political forces as well as conditions of production, markets, and ... their conquests, the Aztecs continued the Toltec concerns with genealogy and.

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The Mayans had no beasts of burden or wheels to carry their heavy loads. Instead, trade goods were transported on the backs of slaves who traveled ... These merchants used cacao beans for currency, and the beans had a fixed market price.

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Get information about Aztec markets from the DK Find Out website for kids. ... Transport. FindOut logo exclamation ... In addition to baskets, pots, and basic foods, there were also luxury goods for ... What did the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas eat? › ...

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Mar 1, 2010 ... Along with tribute, the Aztecs relied on free-market trade with a “twist. ... that draft animals did not exist and the second being that the majority of the Aztec ... and many different ways to transport goods throughout its vast lands.

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How did the Social Systems of the Aztec Reflect their Worldview ... to the MARKETPLACE; Market trade was based on barter or trade; Markets were divided ... horses to transport goods, they transported goods by canoe along the waterways ...

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Humans have been creative in coming up with ways to trade and transport food. ... ton in refrigerated containers from tropical countries to their cooler neighbors. ... Visit the Aztec Market in Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture to find out ...

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If you did not want to prepare food yourself, you could purchase ready-made dishes like ... In addition to foodstuffs, you would find many crafted goods for trade in an Aztec market. ... There were also traveling merchants who purchased goods in one Aztec town or city and transported them to another place to resell them.

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Little is known of the earliest Aztecs, they did not keep a written record. .... The Aztecs received nearly all of their food from foreign trade. ..... as an effective way to transport goods, the local markets were an essential part of Aztec commerce.

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Kids learn about Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec Empire built upon an island. ... There were markets throughout the city where people would trade goods and food. There was one main ... Why did the Aztecs settle on a swampy island?