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How did early humans find food, make clothing, and seek shelter? ... The use of stone tools by early people led historians to apply the name Stone Age to the ...

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Improve your knowledge on Stone Age clothing and find out more about The ... By around 75,000 years ago, humans strung shells together to make some of the  ...

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The materials and styles of clothing worn during the Stone Age varied according ... What kind of clothing did pioneers wear? ... Because most finds concerning the Stone Age are inconclusive, it is difficult to say precisely how people wore these ...

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Sep 12, 2016 ... In the Stone Age most clothing was made of leather or fur. ... These rich people were always looking for ways to make cloth cheaper and better, ...

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The clothes of the hunters / gatherers of the Old and Middle Stone Age was probably basically ... During the course of the New Stone Age, people began to use the wool of their sheep. ... Q-106-EN, How do you make linnen out of flax (NL )?

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Oct 1, 2014 ... A reader asks “what did prehistoric people wear”. ... Unfortunately, when it comes to studying palaeolithic (stone age) ... However, the thousands of beads seen in these graves would've taken hundreds of man-hours to make.

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Sep 11, 2009 ... Our stone age ancestors may have worn brightly coloured threads rather ... been used to make packs which could have allowed Stone Age people to ... where did they go hunting and gathering food, what kind of stone tools ...

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The Stone Age was a time when people made tools of stone instead of the metal we use today. ... They learned to make pottery and weave cloth. ... that does a job ; useful =helpful, practical; various = different; weave =to make cloth or a basket ...

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But burial wear wasn't the day-to-day coverings of these people. ... the plant and animal materials used to make prehistoric shoes is highly perishable. ... of distant ancestors, the so-called Ice Age hunters of the Upper Palaeolithic Stone Age.

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These were difficult times; there were no stores to buy food, and people had to cooperate in small groups to make clothing and shelter. To hunt for food, early ...

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Stone Age clothes & homes presented by James Dilley. ... Many archaeologists believe they did have a simple form of tribal-based political structure, as each ...

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According to one research study, Stone Age (Paleolithic and Neolithic) people dressed in clothes made from ... What did knights wear during the Middle Ages?

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Neolithic people wore handmade cloaks, shoes and head-dressings. ... were among the most popular materials used to make clothing during the Neolithic Age.